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Coupon, Voucher & Rebate Redemption


NO ONE WANTS TO MISS a great opportunity, especially an easy one.

BRAND AND MANUFACTURER coupons are offered today only by large companies mainly because of the cost and complexity of implementation.

EVEN THE LARGE BRANDS who publish coupons don’t often support redemption for small and mid-sized businesses, despite the vast, unrealized potential that exists in these markets.

THE PROFIT MARGIN drawn from small businesses often exceeds that of the giants–yet another reason to support them with coupons.

WE KNOW that for brands to try to work with many different small retailers on coupons and other promotions is often expensive, complicated, and usually not worth the effort. To make matters worse, there is always the risk of people abusing the system.

FOR RETAILERS themselves, it’s even more difficult to use coupons because learning and relearning the acceptance rules for each one is near-impossible, and their technology does not support specific rules for each coupon. Even if retailers did want to redeem a coupon, the amount of paperwork required by each individual company is unwieldy, and receiving the actual refund takes longer than they are willing to wait.

THE POTENTIAL IS ENORMOUS but the problem is daunting. Thankfully, the will to change is strong, coming from brands, retailers and of course individual consumers.

IN 2014, IT’S RIDICULOUS TO BELIEVE that technology cannot create the best solution to the satisfaction of everyone. (Except for those big-box stores, of course).

THE ENTIREONE POINT OF SALE system and related technologies were designed to solve this problem, as well as to support the development of unique promotions that don’t exist in the market today. Regardless of your company’s size, you can create any promotional programs imaginable, and tailor them to work with your customers at mid-sized chains or even small mom-and-pop shops.

FOR EXAMPLE: With the EntireOne system, you may configure–with the click of a button—to encourage specific retailers to carry your products, and support those who already do by sending coupons directly to their customers.

PERHAPS YOU MAY WANT to collect quality customer information for future campaigns? EntireOne’s single sign-on dashboard for consumers directly connects to retailers’ point-of-sale systems. This allows consumers to easily respond to your brand–before or after receiving promotions–and will significantly increase your conversion rates.

ENTIREONE PROVIDES THE EASIEST and most secure solution for brands to confidently get millions of more consumers to use coupons–without the worry of false redemptions–while supporting small businesses nationwide.

HELPING SMALL BUSINESS is not only good for your brand, it’s good for the whole economy.

Retailers and consumers are waiting for you to contact EntireOne.

Why Choose EntireOne?

  • We are the only comprehensive business technology that you can count as an income generator, instead of an expense.
  • EntireOne will accelerate your business. Do more business in less time.
  • Centralize your business. Manage your entire operations with a single application.
  • Expand your business, whether you're a Mom-and-Pop, a large department store, Distributors, or International brands.

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