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The EntireOne ‘New Way’

EntireOne’s ‘New Way’ innovation is a game-changing technology for brands and distributors. This is not just an upgrade of your current technology, it’s the future.

This is a technology that will dramatically increases efficiency, sales, and profits when distributing to mid-sized retail chains or small mom-and-pop shops. It will–in a matter of weeks–take the competition out of the game.

If you’re still using expensive distribution systems to ship items that could be easily and cheaply delivered daily by carriers like UPS and FedEx, it’s time for a change.

If you load trucks to replenish retailer inventory on your route and at the end of the day have to return extra inventory, it’s time for a change. If you push excessive inventory of an item at the beginning of a route, and leave customers without those items in the middle of the route, it’s time for a change.

If the way that you sell your products is by sending weekly or bi-weekly salespeople to visit retailers on their routes, to spend time on the road, find parking, feed meters, and pay parking tickets; all just to check inventory and fill replenishment orders, it’s time for a change.

If your salesmen are not bringing you better shelf space for existing products, new shelf space for new products, and don’t have enough time to negotiate more sales, something is not right.

If you pay for a salesman who only ends up with replenishments and recurring orders, it may not be the salesmen’s fault, but it’s still the wrong way to do business, not to mention expensive.

If your merchants have empty shelf space from your competitors’ products, and your products don’t end up in that space, you’ve failed.

If you don’t supply enough of your products and your merchants’ shelves are empty, or if they have excessive inventory, you’ve failed even more.

You may be aware of these problems and know it’s wrong, but the system forces poor performance and inefficiency on distributors.

Is there another way? Yes.

Why Choose EntireOne?

  • We are the only comprehensive business technology that you can count as an income generator, instead of an expense.
  • EntireOne will accelerate your business. Do more business in less time.
  • Centralize your business. Manage your entire operations with a single application.
  • Expand your business, whether you're a Mom-and-Pop, a large department store, Distributors, or International brands.

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